‘You have heard lots of advice before, undoubtedly read many strategies for home-based success so what IS the real cutting edge in becoming a top producer from home?

If you ABSOLUTELY HAVE to make your fortune from home, read on. This one’s for you.

Secret #1

Begin with the end in mind. There’s little doubt that all the great successes of the ages have been visionaries.

Walt Disney, on the eve of his death, had a reporter crawl into bed with him so that he could share in a faint whisper his vision for Disney World, 6 years before its completion.

The key to understanding the power of visioning is this: “You already have a vision. You are currently living it.”

So to maximize your ability, to begin with, the end in mind, do these things: 1) Design a powerfully explicit vision; 2) Read it each morning and before bed, each night; and 3) After designing it, identify the key activities that must occur to produce the vision and design your schedule accordingly.

Secret #2

Become organized. If you cannot find a phone number, a letter if you forget appointments, commitments, then you actually have surroundings that don’t work.

Simply getting your business in an orderly fashion will allow you far greater productivity while producing far less stress.

Secret #3

Develop the 21-day habit system. Remember: if you do something new repeatedly for 21 straight days, then you will find yourself in a new habit.

As MLM trainer Jerry Clark says about the difference between simple disciplines and errors of omission, we must commit, schedule, and follow-through until we are doing things on auto-pilot.

Secret #4

Spend 20 minutes or more each day doing personal development work.

When we are in a home-based MLM business, we are really in a “people business” disguised as a “product business.”

It is critical that we learn to let go of whatever is stopping us. We need to become oblivious to the challenges of working at home.

Personal development work can be done through books, tapes, meditation, workshops, one-on-one coaching, journaling, subliminal mind reprogramming courses, and the like.

The key to evaluating the growths you have made can be summed up by your answer to the following question: “Who is responsible for the problems I experienced last month in my business?”

Secret #5

Consider the EverReady Bunny your personal role model. When you absolutely have to make your home-based business lucrative, you absolutely cannot quit.

When you live your life as though no other options exist, then eventually all things seem to align to support your business.

Each failure can serve as an inspirational “a-ha!” When used as lessons rather than discouragement, we can actually enjoy the failures because of the resulting insights that they provide.

So there you have it! Practice these 5 success secrets and you will not fail.

You can have anything, anything in the world that you want—the most wildly successful business—if you are willing to take a definite stand for it and live your life each day in a supportive way.

The good news is: you really CAN have it all and the possibility is within your control.

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