Changing your window coverings is a popular and relatively simple piece of home improvement that can dramatically alter the look of your home in a short space of time. If you really want a change for your windows, then you might want to consider having custom window coverings made. These will be designed and made specifically with you and your tastes in mind. You can coordinate your design with a motif already found in your property, such as the pattern on a well-loved sofa, or just choose your favorite colors and have the windows dressed up in those.

You are not just limited to curtains when you are having custom made window coverings, you can also choose blinds or shades if they are more appropriate to your design and existing decor.

There are now an enormous variety of shades to choose from. They add an element of privacy to your property but can be raised and lowered to let in as much light as required. Roman shades are a simple popular choice for custom made shades; they are not too expensive and can bring a classic, stylish look to any room. You can also choose from cellular, honeycomb, cordless, pleated, sheer, and roller shades to give your room that special personal touch.

Blinds are a popular alternative. Although they are not usually considered as aesthetically pleasing as shades, the different varieties and materials can produce exactly the look you require. They are also reasonably priced and can easily be made to fit even the oddest shaped window. The most popular material is still wood, but metal and vinyl can also work well. Blinds are available in vertical or horizontal styles, depending on your requirements.

Traditional drapes are, of course, still widely used. They can be used in conjunction with blinds or shades for added impact. Most custom made curtains will begin with a particular pattern or color request, but you may just want drapes that fit in with the theme of your room, be that Victorian or Mediterranean.

So will custom made window coverings blow your budget? That is largely dependent on the type of fabric or material used and how big your windows are. You need to make sure you measure your window space accurately or ask whoever is making your window coverings to come and measure up themselves. This avoids the embarrassment of making a substantial investment in custom-made coverings, only to find they are a little too small when you get them home. Before you order custom made coverings, do check that your supplier offers a satisfaction guarantee and a decent warranty period for the product.

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